Monday, March 19, 2012

Ronnie Burkett at the NAC

On March 16th I attended Ronnie Burkett's opening night performance of Penny Plain at the NAC. This performance proves once again why Ronnie is so often referred to as a Master Puppeteer. Penny Plain is a wonderfully dark and dramatic performance with an all-new cast of beautiful, skilfully crafted marionettes. Every time I see one of Ronnie's shows I am left in awe, and Penny Plain is certainly no exception. Be sure to see it while you can. It is playing now at the NAC until April 1st. Tickets for the performance are very reasonably priced at $22 to $25. Also, be certain not to miss out on a very special and rare opportunity "Ronnie Burkett Unstrung" is a special benefit appearance by Ronnie at the NAC's Fourth Stage in support of the Puppets Up International Festival. Take a look at the nifty poster for the event below. Be sure to get your tickets before they are sold out!

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