Pythor Comics Superheroes: Books and Collectables

Hello Pythor Comics fans! On this page of my blog you'll find all of the items that I have available for sale which have to do with my Pythor Comics superheroes!!!

If you're in Ottawa you can purchase the items directly at one of the many vender events that I do throughout the year, which I post on the Schedule of Upcoming Events page of this blog. Drop me an e-mail if there is something specific you want and I'll be certain to bring it along.

If you're not in Ottawa, send along your postal address and let me know what item(s) you want. I'll find out the total cost with shipping.

Please note that some items will require a minimum of seven business days to produce.

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Canadian Crusader:
Heroes Past and Present
ISBN: 978-1-989002-02-5
$15.00 CDN each + shipping

This is an 8 x 8 inch, 36 page softcover book with full colour illustrations.
I'm very proud to now have my very first comic available, published in Nov 2019!

Synopsis: Meet Canada's greatest superhero... Canadian Crusader! When the villainous Icicles Man tries to carry out his evil plan our hero arrives to stop his old nemesis, but to do so he must first face off against some of the greatest heroes from history who have been tricked into attacking Canadian Crusader! We also learn Crusader's origin story and his alter ego!

Collectables from Pythor Comics!

Pythor Comics Superheroes Poster, 11 x 18     $5.00 + shipping
This is the very first poster featuring the Pythor Comics heroes!

Pythor Comics T-Shirts, adult sizes S, M, L, XL     $15.00 + shipping, two or more $10.00 each
Choose from Canadian Crusader, Pythor the Barbarian or Griffon Shadow.
Closer views of the illustrated images are below, click on image to see a larger version.

Yayyy! Buttons!!!
Pythor Comics Pin Back Buttons, 1.5 inches wide, $2.00 each + shipping
Choose from Pythor the Barbarian, Canadian Crusader, Griffon Shadow or Blue Jay Boy

Canadian Crusader Series1 Collector Cards, set of 25     $6.00 + shipping


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