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Since 2011 my mother Peggy and I have sold our original hand-made puppets as part of the vendors market at the Puppets Up festival in Almonte, Ontario, in addition to other vendor events. Please see our schedule of upcoming events at this link: http://mikeyspuppetryblog.blogspot.ca/p/shedule-of-upcoming-events.html

All of our puppets are original designs with new characters added to the assortment each year. In addition to Puppets Up we have been a vendor at the Ravenswing Arts and Music Fair in Ottawa since 2014. Here are the website links for both events:

Puppets Up Festival (occurs annually in early August): http://puppetsup.ca/
Ravenswing Arts and Music Fair (occurs annually in May): http://ravenswingottawa.tumblr.com/ 

I've presented the history of the Puppets Up Festival on another page of this blog: http://mikeyspuppetryblog.blogspot.ca/p/puppets-up-international-festival.html

A selection of my hand-made toy puppets.
Artelle Puppets Catalogue of Hand-made Toy Puppets:
Below are some of the puppets that I'm selling at the Artelle Puppets vendor booth:

Chubby Puppets  Collection: Chubby Monsters

Georgie the Chubby Monster
This is Georgie, the first puppet from the Chubby Monsters series introduced in 2015. Isn't he cute! He's also very soft and squishy. I have more Chubby Monsters in the works using different colours of fabric. They will be available soon. One of them is shown below...
Clyde the Chubby Monster
Chubby Puppets  Collection: Chubby Animals
Chubby Polar Bear
Chubby Canada Goose
Chubby Beaver
Chubby Blue Penguin
Chubby Walrus

Chubby Raccoon
Chubby Crow
"It Behooves Us to have Fun" Collection

Purple Unicorn
Chubby Donkey
Children's Story Characters
Gingerbread Boy
Chubby Golden Goose
Seasonal Characters

Chubby Pink Bunny
Little Drummer Boy
Chubby Santa Claus
Chubby Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Canada Day Maple Leaf Puppet
St. Patrick's Day Clover Leaf Puppet
Jungle Dudes Collection
Zedgar the Wild Jungle Dude
Kazak the Wild Jungle Dude

Pharaoh Shuss the Lion Man

Finger Puppets

Here is my Humpty Dumpty finger puppet which also works as a pencil topper.
This is the unbreakable Humpty!

These are some walking finger puppet Aliens. I've shown how they work below.
Gingerbread Boy
Smiley Puppets

Smiley - orange

Smiley - red

Creepy Smiley 
Canadian Crusader

Punkz ™ with black hair
Punkz ™ with pink hair
Various Puppets
Hippy Dude

Boris the Demon
Puppet Capes
Add a puppet cape to turn any puppet into a Superhero!
Here's Super Donkey!
Available in red, green and blue!
Artelle Puppets "Retired" Toy Puppets
These are items that we offered in the past which are current sold out of. We may make them again eventually, but have so many ideas for new puppets that we can't keep up, so for now these puppets are "retired".
Jungle Animals
Pirates Series
Pirate with black bread

Pirate with grey beard
Eye-patch Pirate
Hope to see you at a future event! 
This photo is from the 2015 Puppets Up Festival. My mother Peggy is holding up Georgie the Chubby Monster, a new toy puppet for that year.
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