Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welcome to my new Puppetry blog!

Thanks for visiting my new puppetry blog. This is where I'll be posting updates about my puppet shows and other nifty puppetry news.

Presently I'm working on a brand new website for Artelle Puppets! For those of you who may not know, I work with my mother Peggy Artelle. Together we make all of the puppets and scenery for our live puppet shows, and have been doing so for over 20 years. We are presently remounting our live show Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa, as well as designing a variety of puppets to sell online and around the city at local events. We also have several puppetry workshops available, so there is much happing these days here at the Artelle's puppet studio! Please check back for updates, or post a comment. Bye for now! :)

Here we are (Peggy and Mike Artelle) with our Hero Puppets of Athena and Perseus after our performance at the Puppets Up International Festival in 2006.

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