Wednesday, September 19, 2018

More Art Workshops coming up at Max Ottawa!!!!

This past summer I presented a series of art workshops for Max Ottawa, a health organization for guys into guys. I'm happy to say that the workshops went very well, therefore Max Ottawa has asked me to present six more workshops! This time the workshops will be offered on the 2nd Tuesday each month, from October to March.

This is a drop-in workshop series, so there is no need for registration. All workshops are free for guys who are into guys, who live in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, I'm happy to hear from you:

Here are the details for the first two workshops:

MAXpress Yourself:
Art Workshops for Guys into Guys

Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018
7:00pm to 9:00pm, 251 Bank St.
How to draw fantasy characters & monsters,
and make your own comic book!
We'll have fun learning to draw characters, step by step, and then we'll draw a short comic book!

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018
7:00pm to 9:00pm, 251 Bank St.
Make your own Pride rainbow winter wear!
Join us to make a comfy rainbow patterned fleece scarf,
and if time allows we'll make a hat and mittens too!

Additional details: These workshops are designed for beginners, so there's no experience needed. Join us and try something new! All supplies are provided, just bring yourself. If you have some artistic experience, feel free to bring some of your work to show the group if you wish. The goal of this workshop series is to provide a fun social event for guys who are into guys, especially for those who might feel isolated in the gay community, or who may not be into the bar scene or into sports. Regardless if you are shy (like me!) or a social butterfly, young or young at heart, all are welcome!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Max Ottawa Pride Parade Puppets!!!

Here are the two giant puppets that I made for Max Ottawa with help from Max Ottawa's awesome volunteers! Max Ottawa is a gay men's heath organization that I did some art workshops for over the summer. The puppets were built in July and Aug 2018 for the Pride Parade held on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

The pink puppet on the left of the photo is named Eric, after Eric Levitt, the super, terrific, awesome, coordinator of this puppet project for Max Ottawa! The blue guy is Max himself! The cool dude in the bottom left corner is Lucien, one of the many volunteers who helped to build and paint the four puppet hands, and paint the blue head and neck. They also sculpted and painted some emoji shapes (a peach, an eggplant and some water drops). I sculpted the heads and made the bodies of the puppets. Lucien also helped to operate the blue puppet's right hand during the parade, while another volunteer, David, was on the left hand. The Pink puppet was operated by volunteers Steve, Joel, and Nathan as well as Eric. In addition Matt Harding, Community Coordinator for Max Ottawa, played a big role in making this project happen, and he even helped to make the puppets too. Everyone did an amazing job! This was a fun project and I'm very greatful that Max Ottawa gave me this opportunity to build some giant puppets for them. :)