Mikey's Coming Out Story

This is me, Mikey Artelle, in 1994 when I was 20.
I'm wearing my spandex cycling outfit! So cute and gay! :)

Back in March 2016 I posted my "coming out" story on this very page, and found that I just kept adding more and more content to the page until it became way too long and impractical to read. None the less, that process was extremely therapeutic for me! It allowed me to get my story, thoughts and experiences out of my head, and by posting them online they were no longer hidden, but exposed for the world to see which was extremely liberating! All of those years of thoughts and emotions that I had kept suppressed inside of me out of fear due to society's intolerance and hatred towards homosexuals just flowed out onto the blog, which has helped me make huge strides in overcoming my own feelings of shame and internalized homophobia. I've also learned that I have much more to say about being gay than I first realized. 

So I thought it was a normal next step to just go ahead and start Mikey's Fabulous Gay Blog which is dedicated to all things gay! This way I can share even more of my own personal experiences along with posts about a variety of gay topics, or provide helpful links to other gay sites. Therefore, I've moved the original Mikey's Coming Out Story blog page to the new site and divided it into several posts to make it easier to read.

I hope you find my new blog as helpful as it has helped me! Enjoy! - Mikey

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Originally Posted March 2016
Last Updated Aug 2017

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